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Youth Exchange Program

Lions International Youth Exchange Program was officially adopted in 1961, the Lions International Youth Exchange Program is not conducted for tourism, education, or employment. Instead, it is a unique cultural learning opportunity.

Participants of the Lions International Youth Exchange Program must:

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 22

  • Be sponsored by a Lions club

  • Be ready to represent your community, country and the sponsoring Lions club

  • Welcome the opportunity to explore the customs of another culture

  • Provide proof of insurance (health, medical, travel) and a liability release agreement

  • Take initiative to learn the language of the host country (i.e. basic greetings and phrases)


Exchanges can occur in any of the countries in which Lions clubs exist. Travel arrangements for exchangees are made between the Lions youth exchange chairpersons in the sponsoring and hosting regions.


The costs of transportation (including actual fares, insurance, airport fees, customs duties, and layover or overnight fees) are the responsibility of the sponsoring Lions club. These costs may be paid by the club from district funds (if available), by the youth, his or her family, are by some combination of these sources.


Food and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the hosting Lions club.  Exchangees are responsible for personal expenses (approximately US $75 per week) such as phone calls home, souvenirs, etc.


For more information about the Lions Youth Exchange Program and to apply email

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