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LEO Program

The Leo program has been going strong in Kansas in its current format for more than 10 years, serving nearly 400 youth in 20+ clubs across the state. Kansas Lions can be proud of the commitment they have made and continue to make to this worthwhile youth program.


The overall objective of the MD-17 Leo program is to promote leadership and service opportunities for youth through organized activities, offering experiences that develop a wide variety of skills and talents while promoting a dedication to life-long service.


The Leo program does this by organizing Leo clubs around the state, each sponsored by local Lions clubs, by assisting existing clubs in maintaining strong programs and by providing opportunities for statewide leadership programs.


The program also provides opportunities for interaction with Leos from other clubs, statewide Leo service projects and trips to state and international conventions. Leos are encouraged to work alongside the Lions that support them and to be involved in the youth leadership that directs the program.


For more information on the LEO Program, please contact the Leo - Co Chairs PCC DeAnne Heersche at or Lion Matt Kerns

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